SerenityOS Emoji

SerenityOS🐞 emoji set is a fantastic pixel art🎨 set built for SerenityOS but now available for everyone, each glyph is at most 10x10px🔍.


Linus🐧 created the nightly ttf-build of our emoji set.


Use them on any webpage with font-family: "SerenityOS Emoji";


There is an issue with a 1px gaps between colours. It might be fixed. It might not. #noplan


You can download TTF ⬇️ our TTF-font and use it for a webpage or at your operating system(OS).


Download the font, double click it an choose "Install"


Open about:config, search for the preference name and change the value to SerenityOS Emoji

Images 🖼️

Each emoji is stored in it's unqualified form as an image U+codepoing.png, for example U+1F62E.png


Download all our emoji in a zip file by pressing Download images ⬇️.


Due to the pixel art and small size of our emoji these are best used with image-rendering: pixelated; and scaled with an integer.

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